Tell my mommy I'm sorry.

"These are the Sectlinefor, a band of destructive noise and roaring. The guitarist Piton reminds Al Jourgensen of Ministry: the industrial touch at this avalanche of cold and sharp stratifications is made even more threatening by Jared's vocalizations. The frontman wears a bear suit and then becomes a ballerina with a red tutu, letting the loss of total control and madness. They unleash a collective reaction that is not indifferent." - Rockerilla (Italian)

"Here we have music that is pushing the boundaries, creating something that is vibrant, brutal, and uncompromising at all levels, and I love it. The more I play it the more I find within it, as the layers open - there is no way that this should make nearly as much sense as it does, but for those who don't want their music to be 4/4 and boring then look no further than this." - Gonzo Weekly (issue 237, pg 63)

"Anorexic Insect is a rare and exhilarating proposition. As mentioned some will run from its inner terrors and emotional turmoil but those with instinctive adventure in their tastes will be rewarded with one of the early true treats of 2017." - The Ring Master Review

"In a duality between real-man and man-character, Jared introduces us to a black comedy called "Anorexic Insect," the new album of cinematic and storytellers Sectlinefor." - Interview with Ultraje (Portugese)

"All that is said, this Anorexic Insect is predicted to be one of the most exciting debut of the year." - The Bible of Metal (Italian)

"You are the worst band I've ever heard." - Some old man, O2 Islington Show